Permanent Thanks List

Enlightenspeed only continues to exist due to the following magnificent persons.

In no particular order:

The whole of the Findlay family, the Kellock family and the Irvine family.

Everyone at Reason Studios (Propellerhead Software)

Kenni Andruszkow at ReasonTalk
Rab Simpson

David at Pitchblende
Buddard at Robotic Bean
JP at JiggeryPokery
DJ & Producer Rikk Show
Selig at Selig Audio
Navi at NaviRetlav Sound
Mihaly at TonicMint

All our testers (including but most certainly not limited to: Challism, Bes, Loque, Boombastix, MrFigg, BurningToken, Diminished, Catblack, Olive6741 - Thanks for always keeping me on the right track guys)


RS Shop: Enlightenspeed
LinkedIn: Brian Findlay