Note Latch

A simple performance latching tool for live usage and building barber poles. Available now in the Reason Studios Shop

Note Latch FAQ

It latches notes!

You simply select a note and it switches it on with the play switch. You can also switch all 4 latches on, or all 4 latches off at the same time. 

We also added the unique Scroll modes for each latch. What this does is allows you to scroll the piano roll while the latch is on. This is best used for building barber pole synth patches, or of course just saving time programming in a note sweep if you don't have a MIDI keyboard. Another cool usage is if you put the output through a scaling quantizer such as Chordbank and then on to a harp sampler or synth, and it gives you really good harp playing.  

The main reason for the existence of this device is nothing to do with the above notes, of course. It was originally meant for live performance usage, and is particularly useful for DJ's who want to trigger a sample, or a bunch of samples at the same time, from a preset bunch of notes. If you use a keyboard to do this, then you have to hold the notes, which can be a struggle if you're DJ-ing, and get to that point where you're juggling multiple tasks in the mix. 

The latched notes could also themselves be setting off chords or arpeggiators etc, if they are inside the Player stack in Reason itself or being piped into the MIDI plugins of another platform via RRP.


You tell us! We wanted this to just be a simple utility, then we had the barber pole idea, then time caught up with us on other projects, then we completely redid it much later to be what it is now. There's no roadmap for this one at all, so if anyone has any requests, fire away! If it's good, we'll add it. 

Fun fact! - This plugin was originally in response to a user request. Basically someone needed it, so we built it! Why not? Although it served the purpose for the user needs, at that point it was too simple to release so we shelved it then came back to it a bit later. So the original version only has one user! It's not owned by Enlightenspeed either, because we wanted it to be unique, so we've literally never set it up on our main user account - so that guy who asked for the original version, is the only person who ever owned it!

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