The Loopcracker Suite

Enlightenspeed's original signature plugin bundle, available to try or buy in the Reason Studios Shop now! Take control of your keys!

Loopcracker FAQ

 - Note Filter
 - Note Alter
 - Note Humanizer
 - MeloDramatik (New addition in v4.0!)

Chordbank has been removed and MeloDramatik has been added for version 4. Note that MeloDramatik can also be used as a multi-bank scale quantizer.

List the advantages of each of the individual plugins and add them up! Consider also that within the rack environment, you have control over the routing for extra synergy value, and at least three other basic Player devices provided by Reason Studios themselves which these were all designed to complement rather than supplant.  

Whether you wish to have utilitarian control over mass MIDI data from CV using Note Filter, infinite drum fills using the line processors in any routing strategy, take your compositions to the next level with Melodic Inverter, or even just pretending to friends that you can really play the piano quite well with MeloDramatik's scales area, there are quite simply no other MIDI plugin bundles anywhere that offer so much power for so little effort.  

Unfortunately no, and we have no control over this going forward. Reason Studios themselves retain almost all control over everything in the shop and they are evolving it in the direction they see fit. This includes all handling of how bundles are sold. 

Hopefully, the ability to change this kind of thing will become available to individual developers soon, but we can't give any indication on this kind of thing - it's up to RS to update the shop format and we respect and trust their roadmap.


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