Note Filter

A Rack Extension exclusive note control device for Reason and Reason Rack Plugin, available now in the Reason Studios Shop

Note Filter FAQ

It filters notes!
This can be notes either inside or outside a particular MIDI number range, or perhaps notes inside or outside of a desired velocity range. You may also filter notes in a random fashion using the probability settings. 

The filtering itself is then governed by the Pass/Reject modes, which correlate to the same general concepts as Band Pass and Band Reject audio filtering, but targeting MIDI events rather than an audio stream. 

As a bonus, all controls are available for Control Voltage (CV) input, and this was also the first RE device ever to enable direct recording of CV pattern devices such as the Matrix or RPG-8 to the master sequencer.

There are a huge number of possibilites for musical enhancement! Note Filter is a very simple but extremely powerful utility, offering musicians and producers incredibly flexible control over inputs. 

You can simply knock out random pattern sequencer data to create technically infinite variations, or maybe when doubling major synth parts you wish to remove the doubling on higher velocities in order to improve clarity on the heavier hits. Perhaps with drum tracks you want to use Reject Mode so that some events are spared the process (such as kick, snare and hats), while all the toms and percussive elements are randomly filtered.

The only limit is your own imagination - and when combined with the other players in our Loopcracker Suite, the power of any Reason based track setup is massively increased.

For some basic tips on jamming with Note Filter, and a quick listen to our Brian's lovely Scottish accent, please see our YouTube channel.  

The next build for Note Filter will include a very slight graphics tweak, and some RS Combinator patches which will showcase some useful templates. Further down the road is more difficult to tell, there are some ideas for a V2.0 major upgrade, but there is no roadmap for this yet.

Keep an eye out on our blog section The Journey for updated details, or alternatively sign up to ReasonTalk, the premier forum for all things Reason and get involved in the conversation.  This is also the place to contact us regarding any feature requests and to sign up for beta testing. Just open an account on ReasonTalk and send a direct message to the username 'Enlightenspeed'.  


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