Coming Soon - Inspiral!

A revolutionary new way to inspire fresh musical ideas. Available soon for Rack Extension in the Reason Studios Shop

Inspiral FAQ

This plugin will inspire you like you have never been inspired before!!!

The word inspiral is actually an astronomical term, which relates to two massive objects spiralling towards each other on a collision course, such as binary stars which are running out of gravity energy. 

We loved this concept because Inspiral forms a new bond between concepts that must now meet - the mind and digital technology. 

Uhhhmmm, so what does it actually do then?

Ok, this plugin is a triumph of music theory, performance and randomization! You press a key on your MIDI keyboard and Inspiral will react with multiple possibilities chosen at random, it could be a small two note chord, a single note, even a ratchet chord or a strum. In fact it could also be a note repeater, a complex chord or any one of multiple arpeggiator possibilities! 

Instead of hitting a creative roadblock, this device will just throw out endless new ideas for directions you can take your music in, and as it's a Player device brimming with customization options, you can have as little or as much of that power as you want!

This is a revolutionary new approach to songwriting that brings together the human mind and digital technology in a way that has never been done before. The purpose is to inspire, and that is precisely what it does!

The device flips effortlessly between multiple different types of MIDI plugin output, and even has multiple banks for scales, so you can utilise existing theory knowledge or just randomly select a few keys to lock it to - you can also just make everything chromatic if you wish, by activating all the keys on Inspiral's simple to use scale interface. 

All you need to do then is feed it some note data, whether it be from a MIDI keyboard or from existing sequencer clips and everything comes to life, it will spit random riffs and licks at you all day long if you have it looped. This may make it sound like this is an ideal tool for generative styles, and it is, but as a songwriters starting gun, it is unparalleled!
Record a few passes of the same input data and you'll get multiple variations of Inspiral output, and for you it is then a simple case of selecting the ideal grooves and phrases for your composition. 

Look, we can wax lyrical on this for ages, but the best way to know the benefit is to give it a try and see for yourself - you won't be disappointed, we can promise you that. ;D 

We don't have a release date yet, but it's tantalisingly close now! Hopefully it will appear some time in mid-December for testers and be available to buy in early January.

There is nothing confirmed yet. We're musicians who make software, so at some point inspiration should strike as to what we want to add to it, but for now we're just enjoying the new toy!!! :D 

If anyone has any feature requests, we're all ears! We can't promise anything will be implemented but we do try and take each individual suggestion seriously. 

Keep an eye out on our blog section The Journey for updated details, or alternatively sign up to ReasonTalk, the premier forum for all things Reason and get involved in the conversation. This is also the place to contact us regarding any feature requests and to sign up for beta testing. Just open an account on ReasonTalk and send a direct message to the username 'Enlightenspeed'.  


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