There truly is nothing worse when your creative juices are flowing than having a device fault occur. We pride ourselves on building software that is difficult to break, but no project remains bug-free forever. 

Should you ever have any issues then please don't hesitate to contact us via email at or alternatively by direct message on the ReasonTalk forum to the username Enlightenspeed.  

Going Forward we will keep any known stability/bug issues in this section; we won't always be able to provide a likely time until a fix is applied, but we will endeavour to keep users informed of progress. Note that this will not include beta testing issues which will handled in the same manner as usual. 

Please forward all requests and reports for beta testing issues via direct message to the username 'Enlightenspeed' on ReasonTalk.Net


We're clear of any issues which persistently catch people out so we will endeavour to listen to these requests. At this stage we simply ask our users to make us aware of things that they struggled to understand with our software, or even just with Reason in general or players in general.

As long as there is some relevance to our products even if vague, then we're interested in hearing what usage struggles you have had. We'll then try and add some useful tips in this section when possible.

We recently added new versions of both these devices to the shop which fix issues with note hangs in specific scenarios. If you are unlucky enough to be experiencing this type of issue, then go to your Reason Studios account page, and under My Products > Rack Extensions, hit the button marked Sync All. This will update all plugins to the latest version, and clear these issues. You can also update the individual plugins by finding them in your account list, should you prefer to conserve a limited set.

If you still experience this type of issue, then please report it to us straight away. 

We keep getting asked about this, and while there is always a desire to expand our market size, there are other obstacles which cause us great concern in this arena. 

In the Reason Studios shop model we don't have to worry about piracy, or distribution, or servers... there's a lot to this! 

We are satisfied with the future viability of the platform and are happy to keep all things Enlightenspeed within the Rack Extension sphere for now. We are slowly pushing things out so that they can be ported, and indeed a good amount of our code for our new and upcoming products has been written specifically with this in mind. However, this is not our first priority, right now, it simply means that it will be easier to do when we get around to it.

It will happen... but don't hold your breath. 


RS Shop: Enlightenspeed
LinkedIn: Brian Findlay