A "world's first" Rack Extension that gives users the melodic power of complex scales and chords, without ANY knowledge of musical theory available now in the Reason Studios Shop

Chordbank FAQ

It banks chords!

...and a lot more :D

Chordbank is our oldest and most powerful plugin to date, having had multiple revisions since it's release just over a year ago. 

The basic mode of operation is that you load a preset from a library and start playing in much a similar fashion as you would when using other devices of this type, with multiple different playing modes available. 


If you don't know the difference between a Major and a Dorian, but can hear the melody in your head, why not let Chordbank learn the scale for you? The device can be used in such a way as to be entirely concerned with music while still remaining agnostic and independent to classical music theory. You simply enter up to 8 notes of the melody in Input Mode, press store, and then select a playing method - the scale is now playable across all keys, and on top of this you can also now add new chords from the scale using the random functions, with control over the chords melodic width and keyboard position (in other words how spread the chord is and the general pitch area).    

Everything about the design has been optimised for ease of use, and with an emphasis on minimizing interface gestures. There's also an onboard scale library to make complex chord generation easy if you are of the mind to use the preset libary as a start point.

The power given to musicians by the feature set of Chordbank is quite astounding. Changing between multiple scales is as simple as a note press on a MIDI keyboard, or alternatively a single interface gesture. This makes the device suitable for everything from learning scales and melodic exploration, through to remixing older pieces and live performance. 

Ultimately, the only limit is your imagination, as you can store 24 different scales or 24 different chords from diatonics through to bizarre complex jazz stabs.

More importantly, if you're in the early drone stages of writing a song, it allows you capture the essence of this without having to commit to anything in particular, and of course without any knowledge of theory. So if you know how a scale change should sound in your head, then this device is perfect for getting it down. There's no counter-intuitive onboard Euclideans or "circle of fifths" stuff going on, which just as often as not causes you to lose your train of thought in moments of inspiration, it's just pure music - your idea, not someone else's.

Chordbank 2.0 has an initial design brief of being "the most complete, versatile and workflow optimised chords and scales facility anywhere in the world". The design work is ongoing and we very much hope to have coding started by the end of 2020 at the latest, but there are a lot of projects ongoing right now and this year has been very harsh on our time for a multitude of reasons including the obvious. However, the design is quite definitely moving in the right direction so far, and we are super-excited about this. We really believe that we are going to be releasing something quite special when the time comes.
:D :D :D 

Keep an eye out on our blog section The Journey for updated details, or alternatively sign up to ReasonTalk, the premier forum for all things Reason and get involved in the conversation.  This is also the place to contact us regarding any feature requests and to sign up for beta testing. Just open an account on ReasonTalk and send a direct message to the username 'Enlightenspeed'.  


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